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  1. I agree
    The bill should have proposed solutions that seek to promote Kenya’s innovation ecosystem and not kill it.

    I’m trying to transition into tech from a finance background… surely this will make it difficult for so many of us

  2. This is sheer shinnanigans, surely and the same government will ask why the youth will opt to work for foreign countries, i mean, it is such bureaucracy that pushes the youth work force off this country, i sometime tend to believe that the Mp’s leave their brains in their cars as they enter parliament, or better yet someone pays them to pass some bills so as to beat competition before it even starts.

  3. I majored in philosophy and minored in math because there were few schools offering an IT degree at the time. Through on the job training I became a Senior Database Engineer. Before that I was an IT Manager, Unix Admin, and other ICT roles. If this new license requires an IT degree, it will eliminate some of your most experienced ICT professionals. They really need to rethink this entire approach. There are not many with 30 years experience, and I know most do not have a degree in that subject.

  4. This is really retrogressive and unfair. Such sn industry cannot be for a few learned individuals. This bill will destroy livelihoods. Let’s speak up!!!

  5. The bill was proposed and passed by unexperienced goons who cannot differentiate foot from mouth in matters ICT, the sheer audacity by the CS in claiming he did his best is even worse, the problem with this country is that we are all greedy and that’s why we keep choose gluttons in public service and elate their character relatives in corporate. Be rest assured the so-called GoK has no capacity to train nor vet our techies let alone the experience, this is someone’s business and they are going to milk us for a while, let the president prove us wrong by rejecting it or go silent and the damn bill becomes law then my theory on the training agencies will suffice quite fast, wait & see!

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