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  1. Kenya’s GDP is north of $123 B as of 2022. It’s the third largest economy in subsaharan Africa after Nigeria and South Africa.

  2. While the Kenyan economy is growing fast, Uganda’s economy is shrinking at a terrific speed. Startups are collapsing at unprecedented levels. Taxes in Uganda have become a nightmare. Yet, Uganda’s political class keeps getting more flamboyant than before. By the way, Uganda has 529 members of parliament who according to M7 ONLY STAND UP to give a point of order!!!
    As the Kenyan President Mugai Uhuru Kenyatta was ordering the Kenyan treasury to increase the minimum wage by 12%, his Ugandan counterpart was telling Ugandans to eat cassava as an alternative to the increased price of wheat and therefore bread.
    We need to learn…politicians in Uganda have become a menace.

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