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    P. O BOX 1855 – 80100
    September 03, 2023
    Subject: Demand for Action and Resolution Prior to Legal Measures*
    Dear Kenya Power and Lightning Company
    Attention: Kenneth Waweru Nysga – Kirinyaga County KPLC Manager

    I write to you with a serious note and a humble request for resolution towards our standing issues, cognizant of the potential escalation to legal proceedings if these matters are not addressed promptly and effectively.
    Our primary concern is centred around the necessity for comprehensive street lighting in all our Villages/Estates in Kenya, initiating with Mwea West Sub County extending to Ndorome, Ng’uka, Gituto, Karira, and other nearby regions. This is of utmost urgency to safeguard the well-being of our fellow citizens.
    Concurrently, it is necessary to address and counter illegal power connections that pervade our villages, tainting the integrity of our electrical system. In light of this, we recommend that Kenya Power and Lightning Company – KPLC employ a minimum of 1,500 youths of at least Grade D+, to undergo an Integrated Power Security Program. This plan is aimed to marshall them with the requisite knowledge needed to work effectively with our Ward Community Policing Committees and significantly improve revenue collection.
    The implementation of these suggestions aligns with our national ethos as expressed in the DRAFT GUIDELINES FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF COMMUNITY POLICING NYUMBA KUMI USALAMA WA MSINGI National Security Program.
    Thanking you in advance for your proactive involvement and consideration in this matter.
    Given the gravity of these issues, I kindly urge you to respond by September 17, 2023, to avoid me pursuing a legal course of action. Rest assured, this letter should not be perceived as a threat, but rather a final attempt to resolve the outstanding concerns amicably.
    In the unfortunate case that a lawsuit must be filed, please be aware that I will seek redress to the fullest extent permitted by law. This may potentially include, but is not limited to, additional damages, legal services costs, court costs, and accrued interest. I invite you to contact me via email at kagetenyaga-at-gmail-dot-com to discuss these matters in more detail.
    Benson Nyaga Kagete, EGH

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