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  1. It’s inspiring to see Huawei’s DigiSchool program is making significant strides towards ensuring equitable digital access for learners, especially in special needs schools in Kenya. This initiative truly resonates with the mission of DELIC (Digital Education in Low-Income Communities) to bridge the digital gap and promote digital inclusion in low-income communities.

    Given the success and impact of Huawei’s DigiSchool program, I believe there’s a valuable opportunity for partnership between Huawei and DELIC to replicate this idea in low-income communities in Nigeria. By leveraging Huawei’s expertise in network infrastructure and educational technology, combined with DELIC’s local knowledge and community engagement, we can extend the benefits of digital connectivity and enriched learning experiences to underserved schools and students in Nigeria.

    Through this partnership, we can prioritize school connectivity, enhance education quality, and ensure accessibility and equity for all learners. By providing learners with essential digital skills and fostering a technologically enriched learning environment, we can empower them to thrive in the digital economy and contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.

    I look forward to exploring the possibilities of collaboration between Huawei’s DigiSchool program and DELIC to make a meaningful impact on education and digital inclusion in Nigeria.

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