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Smart Industry Forum 2024

June 20, 2023
Virtual Event
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Welcome to the Smart Industry Forum, the premier event for senior technology and business leaders in the manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and supply chain industry in Africa. This event will bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and key decision makers to discuss the latest advancements in technology and its impact on the manufacturing and supply chain industry.

As the fourth industrial revolution continues to unfold, Industry 4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain are reshaping the way we approach manufacturing and logistics. The manufacturing sector in Africa holds significant potential as the continent navigates the path to recovery post-pandemic. Experts project that by 2030, the sector could reach a value of $666.4 billion.


Smart Industry Forum 2024 Topics

At the event, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders on topics such as:

Industry 4.0 State of the Union

Unveiling the current landscape and future trajectory of the Fourth Industrial Revolution across industries.

Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Harnessing digital technologies to streamline and optimize supply chain operations for enhanced efficiency.

Smart Manufacturing & Factory Automation

Exploring advanced technologies for intelligent, automated, and connected manufacturing processes.

Data Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning

Leveraging data-driven insights and intelligent systems for better decision-making and process optimization.

Cybersecurity in Industry 4.0

Addressing cybersecurity challenges and strategies for secure industrial systems in the digital era.

Supply Chain Resilience and Agility

Building resilient and agile supply chains to withstand disruptions and adapt to changing market demands.

IoT in Manufacturing and Logistics

Utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for seamless connectivity and real-time visibility in manufacturing and logistics operations.

Sustainable Manufacturing and Circular Economy

Exploring sustainable practices, resource efficiency, and circular economy models in manufacturing processes.

Collaborative Robotics (Cobots)

Examining the integration of collaborative robots (cobots) for safe and efficient human-robot collaboration in industrial settings.


Specific Target Audience

This event is designed for senior leaders in the manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and supply chain industry, including CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, and heads of operations. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and network with your peers in the industry.

Chief Executive Officers

Chief Information Officers

Chief Financial Officers

Procurement Managers

Production Planners

Distribution and Logistics Managers

Quality Control Managers

Demand Planners

Risk Managers



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Virtual Event
June 20, 2023

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