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  1. It is very easy for Copia Kenya to reverse this situation. Copia is sitting on a golden egg that’s called a database that in turn can change his whole company. Now is the time for Copia Kenya to reflect on and explore new trade avenues. On to this huge data base he should have stepped into the business of, Consumer Durables, IT accessories business, IT hardware and new business models enabled by the extensive deployment of key mobile and wireless technologies and devices (for example, Bluetooth, e-purses, smartphones, UMTS and WAP), and by the inherent mobility of most people’s work styles and lifestyle. It can very easily present in its own brand. As Copia Kenya had penetrated deeply into the Upcountry locations of Kenya, they can as well focus on sustainable consumer affairs like home appliances and kitchen appliances, Solar Panels. It can target its database and add value to its online platform along with other business avenues.
    I believe Copia Kenya has the ability to reverse the trend. Copia has to be creative to support the marketplace. Profit isn’t a goal, it’s a result. To have vision means the things we do are of real value to others. Let’s say I’m the CEO of COPIA KENYA and even my company are at the respirator stage, and I retrograde my organization by taking a different approach.

    A small quote : Preparation is the Run way of Success.

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